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The Importance of Words


In our earthly realm, a business leader, politician, or coach can speak or write words of encouragement that result in people achieving more and reaching heights previously thought unattainable. The opposite can also occur when charismatic leaders influence their followers to commit atrocities.


Meet The Author

TR Robinson

My goal is to encourage people to have a positive outlook on life and become avid readers of books. Dig deep into topics that interest them.  Become lifelong learners.

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My Inspiration

You Can Do It


It has been said that “your attitude, not your aptitude will determine your altitude.  Translated, this means that the game of life is played from the neck up. 


Having a positive mental attitude on life covers a multitude of weaknesses.  Turning “I can’t into I can.  Getting rid of “stinkin’ thinkin’.   Overcoming obstacles in life and going after goals with passion is the hallmark of successful people from all walks of life.

Living a Christ-Centered Life


Christ said in John 14: 16 “I am the way…the truth…and the life.  No one comes to the father except through me.”  Christians face much persecution around the globe today. 


In the U.S.  the forces aligned to reduce and even eliminate the positive role Christianity plays in the public square have never been bolder.   As Christians we need to strengthen our relationship with Christ.  Seek His face…Seek his will and purpose in our life…Seek Him in Prayer… Seek Him in Scripture. 

Creating a More Perfect Union


Our Founders were inspired by God when they drafted the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Since earning my Masters degree in Political Science in 1983 I have witnessed a gradual but persistent attack on our founding documents and our Democratic Republic.  As President Reagan said our republic is a fragile thing.  Totalitarian forces seek to divide our country, use the federal government to suppress free speech and punish opposition voices. 


The only way these forces will win is if “good men” do nothing and sit idly by.  Work within the framework of the Constitution and make your voices heard at the ballot box.  Take an active role in knowing what your representatives are voting for.   Limit our Federal government, reduce and eliminate onerous regulations, reduce taxes, respect our individual freedoms.

Be a “Know-body”. Read a book.

Book Reviews

Have a lifetime learner attitude.  Read books that increase your Know-how.  The topics and books are endless.  Pick a subject:  history, politics, technology, philosophy, faith in Christ.  


Do a deep dive into the topic.  See how much more you enjoy your life when learning is at your core.

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