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Start Enjoying Life Each Day

“20 Ways to Make Every day Better” by Joyce Meyer

Have you awaken from sleep and started thinking about all the troubles and issues that lie ahead of you and dread the day before you even put your feet on the floor? Or have you been going along pretty well enjoying your day when events occur changing bliss into misery? Have you ever said in an exasperated tone: “I’m just having a bad day?” If these things have ever happened to you, take heart, there is help. #1 New York Times bestselling author, Joyce Meyer reveals simple and practical changes to turn your day around in her book: 20 Ways to Make Every Day Better. In her introduction to the book, she says:

“The truth is, God wants you to enjoy your life every day. Not just occasionally. Not just when the air is clear, and the birds are chirping. And not just on weekends or vacations. Every day is a new day with God on your side…and that’s a new chance to enjoy the unique, wonderful, destiny-filled life He has given you.”

I found this book in my home library the other day and began to read it after I had a “bad day” dealing with computer problems on my PC. I can tell you that the chapters inside seemed to be written just for me. The quote from the introduction listed above put it all into perspective. I was letting events, circumstances, and feelings determine how much I would enjoy each day instead of focusing on my relationship with God and his plan for my life. Joyce’s book helped me to see what maintaining a close personal relationship with God means. Broken down into four sections, this practical guide takes you from the start of your day to the time you lay your head down on the pillow to sleep:

· Section One: When You Awake

· Section Two: New Steps to Take

· Section Three: Patterns to Break

· Section Four: Before It’s Too Late

Each chapter concludes with an action plan of sorts entitled “Suggestions for Putting (chapter title) into Practice.” These practical “Suggestions” bring the book to life.

One action I took immediately was changing my morning routine. Previously, I would wake up make a pot of coffee, feed the cat and turn on the news. Little surprise, after watching news of our Republic crumbling before 7 AM I often felt stressed during the day. The changes I made have alleviated a great deal of stress in my daily life. First, I thought of another before myself and fed Dolly our cat before putting the coffee pot on. I then found a comfortable spot in our home, sat down, and opened up the Bible.

I would ask God to reveal more of Himself and His purpose to me through His Word. After reading and a cup of coffee, I would have a conversation with God in prayer. This relaxing and contemplative time spent with the Lord has made all the difference in my outlook for the day. I can truly “…do all things through Christ my savior.”

I encourage you to get a copy of this book and begin to enjoy your God-given day. For more information on this book go to 20 Ways to Make Every Day Better I do not receive any compensation if you purchase the book.

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