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Words To Live By

An Inspirational Book

About The Book

The importance of words cannot be overstated. In our earthly realm, a business leader, politician, or coach can speak or write words of encouragement that result in people achieving more and reaching heights previously thought unattainable. The opposite can also occur when charismatic leaders influence their followers to commit atrocities.

The critical importance of the word is never more illustrated when you consider that God spoke the word and the universe came into being. Think about the apostles when they realized that Jesus's life represented a fulfillment of prophecy, "...The word became flesh and dwelt among us."

More than an inspirational book, Words to Live By is a guide to help you seek out, compile and live life according to a set of words you can be PROUD OF. A set of words which encourages HOPE. A set of words which leaves a LEGACY others can follow with a

White Paper

Words To Live By reflects a personal journey shaped by experiences, mentors, study, and beliefs. I am inspired, more than ever, by the desire to encourage people to recognize their God-given talents and to live their life thoughtfully.

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