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Message to Washington: Leave us alone... A return to “Laissez Faire.”

While we stand on the precipice of World War III, I want to take a pause from the 24/7 news coverage of scenes of destruction, death, and warmongering in the Middle East. We should not lose sight of the internal threats we are facing from the Washington ruling elite. The future of our Federal Republic, the freedoms we enjoy, and our way of life has never been more uncertain. Some may even argue that these “internal” threats present more imminent danger to the existence of our Federal Republic than any international conflagration. I will deal with the international scene in a future blog. Today, American citizens are faced with two interrelated domestic threats from our politicians in Washington:

First, the “Drama Kings and Queens” in the House of Representatives play political games bringing the chamber to a standstill. The critical work of our country hangs in limbo. Republican and Democrat politicians are choosing loyalty to their respective parties over loyalty to the country as they jockey for power. Instead of loyalty to their constituency, politicians on both sides of the aisle live and act in the “Washington Bubble” paying little heed to the needs of the citizens they’re supposed to represent beyond the Beltway.

Second, the Biden administration continues its mission to undermine our Federal Republic by centralizing control in Washington. Washington’s insidious influence and control over the lives of American citizens is growing. Washington’s political grip tightens through increased regulation, taxation, and surveillance. The permanent Bureaucracy or “Deep State” has experienced tremendous growth as these unelected apparatchiks extend their influence over our daily lives. Washington influence has even invaded our kitchen. I wonder, how long before we see grandma dragged off to jail for cooking Christmas dinner on an outlawed gas stove instead of the so-called “environment saving electric stove?” How long will we celebrate Christmas before it is relabeled as “Winter Holiday”?

Our once abundant Democratic Republic based on Federalism and Capitalism is being transformed into an Authoritarian Centralized Socialist state characterized by shortages, rampant inflation, and a decreasing standard of living for the Middle Class. To elaborate on my point of contention I wanted to provide a brief review of Federalism in the U.S.

While not expressly spelled out in our U.S. Constitution, the Framers created a Federalist system of power sharing between the national government and the states. The fear of autocratic rule was a driving force influencing our founders decision to limit the scope and power of the national government. A distinct level of autonomy was granted to the states in an effort to ensure liberty by diffusing power. Federalism is also an attempt to increase the accountability of the government to the people at a local level.

In the 20th Century American Capitalism has been a driving force in improving the standard of living across the globe. The combination of Federalism and Capitalism can be credited with making the U.S. a beacon of freedom and opportunity. My proof for this assertion? How many people today are risking their lives and the lives of their loved ones to storm the borders of Russia, China, or any other Totalitarian country? Our country is the “Shining City on a Hill.” A sanctuary of hope for the world.

Today, however, that beacon light of freedom and opportunity is dimming as Washington policies cause political and economic uncertainty. On the economic front, the empty shelves we are experiencing in many grocery stores across this still great nation reminds me of pictures of the Soviet Union I saw in Graduate School textbooks as I earned my Masters degree in Political Science at Drew University and studied at the United Nations in New York City in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Soviet citizens wrestled with each other to grab that last loaf of bread, piece of meat, or carton of eggs in grocery stores under the watchful eye of armed Soviet soldiers . I will never forget the look in the eyes of Soviet citizens I saw in those photographs. I especially remember the look of hopelessness in the eyes of young mothers as they frantically vied with others for food while trying to keep their babies and toddlers safe from harm. I wonder how long before Washington’s policies re-create those terrible images in our country?

The solution to the two threats above is singular and can best be expressed with the response given by the seventeenth century French manufacturer, Legendre. When a chief advisor to Louis XIV, named Colbert, asked the question “what can government do to help industry?” Legendre emphatically replied “Laissez-nous faire!”( Let us alone ).

Now more than ever we need to send a clear message to Washington: Leave us alone! In other words, we need to return to the policy of “Laissez Faire.” If history has taught us anything, it is this: The model of centralized political and economic control does not work. This model is the core characteristic of any political approach to governing by Totalitarian, Socialist, and Communist states. Creativity, efficiency, technological innovation, and individual motivation are all hindered by these regimes. Instead, bloated bureaucracies, shortages, and deprivations result. Political allegiance to the Party replaces loyalty to the country and its citizens.

Because we are experiencing the above political/economic trends toward centralized control in America today, it has never been more critical to stand up for our core rights as American citizens: Our politicians in Washington need to be reminded they get their power from us as individual voters. Time to clean up Washington at the ballot box and shrink the size and control of the permanent bureaucracy.

At the next election don’t get influenced by the marketing machines and “Spin Doctors” employed by politicians to get their so-called messages or platform out. Political stances based upon polls will be broadcast across the nation to garner votes. Candidates will be using the old sales technique best summed up by the phrase “sell the sizzle not the steak.” Politicians and their surrogates will take the stage or look sincerely into cameras as they try to appeal to your emotions. There is only one key question that needs to be answered for the upcoming 2024 election:

Where does a candidate stand on the size and power of Washington? Are they for increasing the size and scope of government or are they for a smaller Washington footprint? Our freedoms and resulting happiness all stem from the above question. Let the old French phrase be your political battle cry, “Laissez faire,” (Leave us alone).

Today as in yesterday, Washington politicians function more like grifters with their fundraising and special interest spending activities than a fiduciary of the people they represent. I am reminded of a story told by then Congressman, David Crockett, who after voting to spend money from the Treasury on a special interest was reminded by a constituent that the money in the Treasury was “Not His To Give.” Closer to our current time, Ronald Reagan said famously, “…the scariest words in America are, I am from the government, and I am here to help.” It doesn’t matter whether the politician is a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, the primary goal of our Washington ruling class is getting re-elected and remaining in power.

Time to use our power at the ballot box and stop the destructive trends in Washington. We need to restore our political and economic freedoms before it is too late. Be an informed voter in 2024 and exercise your power as a citizen of the greatest country on the face of this earth. Time to unleash the power of the American Promise. Elect politicians who are true fiduciary’s of the people.

Remove the chains on our economy, Stop Washington’s intrusion into our personal lives. Expose the graft and corruption. Shrink the “Deep State.” With God’s help we will continue on our journey to form a more perfect union.


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