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"Pork" It's What The House and Senate will be Serving this Christmas

The latest round of crazy spending out of Washington is about to take place. Tied to the “Keep Our Government Running” Bill, the 4100 page plus bill has more pork in it than the Cuyahoga County Fair livestock pavilion.

Both Parties rush to spend our money like a gambling addict on a weekend sprint through casinos in Las Vegas. This spending atrocity is just another example why we should fear our so-called elected representatives in Washington just as much as international terrorists.

While one category of terrorists lurks in the shadows and suicide bombs innocent women and children, the dwells in the dark and suicide bombs our country’s taxpayers future . These “Washington Dark Dwellers” will come out in the light to virtue signal for photo ops such as they did to sell their $40+ Billion transfer of taxpayer treasure to prop up the “Democratic Dictator” in Ukraine on his December Grift Tour of Washington.

They always tug at the heartstrings of the American people when they try to convince us that some self-serving action they take is actually good for us or makes us a better country.

With regards to the gift to Ukraine, what will these funds be used? Maybe there is another Christian Church that needs to be shuttered and congregation scattered, or media outlet closed. I am sure whatever he does he will receive a standing ovation from both Democrat and Republican. Our so-called leaders will do anything to keep the public focused on international crises and off solving domestic problems that will actually improve the lives of our citizens.

Help me understand why we are sending taxpayer money in the millions to the Middle East for their border integrity and security and $0 to protect our citizens and secure the southern border. Question two. How does millions to Pakistan for Gender Studies make us stronger, safer, and more prosperous? Finally, how does millions allocated to the Marines to train them to stop using Ma’am and Sir make this once feared and respected arm of our military better warfighters? These are just a few examples of the insane spending allocations inside the $1.7 Trillion Bill. I am sure there are more, but who has time to read it? Certainly not our Representatives.

Hey Washington, I don’t want this Christmas gift of spending. Give me some lumps of coal in my stocking and keep the money. Oh, I forgot, due to coal mining restrictions Santa says there is a coal shortage this Christmas. So, I guess the only winners this season are the “bad” little boys and girls who won’t get their coal.

In all seriousness, I encourage every citizen to follow the vote on this Bill. How did your Representative vote? Did they “rubber stamp” the Bill by voting Yes for something they could not have read and analyzed? Did they vote No? Did they posture by saying they were forced to vote Yes to keep the Government running?

I say it is time to stop voting on large Bills such as this. We should have single-issue Bills without all the amendments written in sixth grade English so our elected officials can understand and know what they are voting for. Remember to be wary of that which grows in the dark, but withers in the daylight.

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