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Secure The Border: A Call to Action for New House of Representatives

Here we go again. The Republican majority in the House, just like the previous Democrat majority, begins its tenuous rule by focusing on getting rid of a political enemy. Republican leader McCarthy calls for the resignation of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. If Mayorkas does not resign, McCarthy promises an extensive investigation during an impeachment trial. Meanwhile thousands of illegals cross our border each day.

For added photo-op purposes a show trial will be held at the border. Hey, here is a novel idea, close the border first then play politics. The American people voted for solutions not tax dollars wasted on political gamesmanship.

We know the southern border is messed up. We know Mayorkas simply followed the marching orders of Biden’s Globalist strategy. There will be time to rid the country of this “Yes Man.” Real solutions require action, not endless “Gotcha” meetings/trials. I will enumerate a few action-steps to solve the border security problem:

Step One: Separate the border security issue from the broader issue of immigration policy. Once the border is secure we can tackle the multifaceted issues associated with revamping our immigration policy.

Step Two: Close the border. No more people permitted to enter the country at our southern border. Create a militarized zone to protect our border while wall is completed. I would look to history and follow the example of the use of Roman mile forts on Hadrian’s Wall for added security. We could station troops at specified locations along border to patrol and provide protection against illegal crossings, and smuggling.

Step Three: Everyone wanting to move to our country and become a citizens is welcome. Anyone desiring entrance into our country must apply for permission to enter at the U.S. Embassy in their country of domicile.

They must wait in their country while the application is processed, and vetting is done by U.S. officials. Of course, we would need to increase staff at Embassies to manage processing.

Those approved are processed and transported at regular intervals to official points of entry at our border. This is the only humane way to do it and prevent caravans and individuals from attempting the dangerous trip across Mexico. This approach should also put a crimp in drug cartel’s efforts to smuggle illegal drugs.

Step Four: Revamp immigration policy. Work in a bi-partisan way to create a path to citizenship for all immigrants.

Have traditional Civics education at core of curriculum for each immigrant to complete as a requirement for citizenship. If a migrant will not enroll in the course, they will be sent back to their country of origin.

In fact, completion of certain educational requirements could be done while waiting for processing. This would serve a number of purposes:

  • First, eliminate those applicants who are not committed to becoming citizens.

  • Second, create a migrant population who understands our history and the American way of life.

  • Third, encourage migrants to make valuable contributions to the U.S.

These four steps take a 20,000-foot view of what is needed to secure our border. These initial steps are a simple yet positive approach to solving the problem. The details must be hammered out in a Bi-Partisan way. I urge all members of the House to work together on this issue that affects all Americans.

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