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The Cure for the U.S. Political Pandemic: ADS-2020

The Cure for American Derangement Syndrome 2020

While everyone in America has been focused on the COVID-19 Pandemic another malady has taken root in the U.S. I call this pandemic American Derangement Syndrome-2020 or ADS-2020 for short. It began in 2020 and is still around today.

We see the results of ADS-2020 on our TV’s as it grips everyday Americans. It began with statues of historic figures attacked in parks across this nation. ADS-2020 spread as rioters burned buildings and police stations. Today widespread criminality and organized anarchy has turned our cities into lawless, homeless communities. resembling third-world countries.

Elites are safe behind walls with their private security as they look down on everyday citizens who fear for their lives due to decimated law enforcement and a legal system that puts the criminal first. We watch as our Constitution is trampled on as so-called "migrants and asylum seekers" invade our southern border with impunity.

Our citizens try to navigate their lives hindered by exploding inflation, shortages, an uncertain economic future, and the impending threat of an expanded and armed IRS with the mandate to confiscate our income and savings. Statists need our wealth to pay for an expanding centralized Federal Government with a permanent bureaucracy.

On the international scene billions of our tax dollars are spent on military aid to the Ukrainian Government in support of their war with Russia. Arguably, the U.S. has little if any strategic reason to justify the treasure spent in the Ukraine. Anyone who questions the aid is reminded that Putin's action today is similar to Hitler's at the beginning of WW II. We must stop Putin before he proliferates the conflict into WW III.

I believe that when Biden and war mongers on both sides of the aisle draw parallels between Hitler and Putin they are setting up the American people to accept shortages and deprivations like our "Greatest Generation " did in the 1940's. "It is patriotic to do without so the heroic and valiant Ukrainian's can defend democracy," war hawks may soon pontificate. Of course the political elites don't do without.

China forms economic partnerships with Russia and prepares their war machine for military action against Taiwan. Our military leaders have our war fighters focusing on inclusion and equity. Military budgets are being spent on designing flight suits for pregnant women.

As a student of history, I believe our country hasn’t been this divided since the Civil War years. The trend towards an increasingly Totalitarian State using the trappings of our Republic reminds me of the Roman Republic on the eve of Caesar’s dictatorship.

I am even more convinced of the emergence of a Totalitarian USA after seeing a recent “Hollywood-style” production of President Biden’s speech. Located at one of the most sacred spots in the history of our Republic, Independence Hall. Biden, bathed in a red light, used the moment to declare war on our citizens who do not agree with him. The speech reminded me of any of the speeches given by the Emperor in the Star Wars movies or a dictator speaking from the balcony surrounded by the military.

I am concerned that the speech will be used as the justification to create scapegoats. I caution us to not jump to a conclusion before the facts are in if we experience a so-called “MAGA Extremists” act of terrorism. I am reminded of the burning of the Reichstag Building by the NAZI’s and their propaganda machine creating a scapegoat by placing blame for the fire on an innocent Jew. The NAZI's used this incident to galvanize the anger of the German people against the Jewish people.

With the so-called mainstream media reporting that many people are unhappy about our racist past and miserable about our country today, I want to suggest a three-step program to alleviate the pain of these people. AA has a twelve-step program, my program only requires three:

Step 1: Admit you want to know the truth. This is the most crucial step. If you do not have an inquisitive mind, then you will not seek knowledge. Don’t take the opinion of a pundit on TV, the internet, or in print as the gospel. Find out for yourself.

Step 2: Crack open a history book or biography. I would suggest limiting your reading to the following:

  • The life and times of those historical figures with which you are angry. Limit the readings to only those people whose statues have been vandalized or destroyed. You could not read bios about everyone who is responsible for your condition, there is only 24 hours in the day. There are meetings to attend with your comrades/handlers and monuments to deface and topple. In an attempt to be intellectually honest, make sure you read both traditional and revisionist historians to get “both sides of the story.”

  • The Cultural Revolution in China under Mao and the Purges in the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin. Get a taste of how bad life can be under the Utopian Political Systems known as Socialism and Communism. You seek the truth, so let us compare the political systems at their worst. Every day you seek out the worst in American history. Put “worst” into perspective by comparing the worst Communism and Socialism has to offer from the past. After an honest review, make up your mind which system you want to live under.

  • Read the great documents of U.S. history: The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Federalist Papers, and The Emancipation Proclamation. Learn, first-hand, what these documents say. Find out for yourself. Make up your own mind whether or not you agree or disagree. Do not follow what others tell you.

Step 3: Follow Your Heart. After you have decided to become knowledgeable and researched the topics with an objective, rational and open mind there exists two courses of action. The good news is whichever course you take you are cured of ADS-2020.

  • Course of Action One: America is evil, and you cannot live here anymore. You can now move to a country that you can be happy in. Why would you stay where you are unhappy? The great news for you is the charitable nature of U.S. citizens. It is a proven fact that we Americans always rally to ease the burdens of people affected by world calamities. We generously give to victims of hurricanes, earthquakes, and famines. As a consequence, you could start a “Help Me Find a Happy Home” Go-Fund-Me page. I am sure charitable people across the country would donate to help you buy an airline ticket to the country of your choice. You may even raise enough funds to send your entire “Cell” to Venezuela, China, Russia, or any other Socialist Nirvana. Just think about it no more stress and anger because you have to walk by statues of racists like Abraham Lincoln, instead you can gaze lovingly at statues of Lenin, or Mao.

  • Course of Action Two: You choose to stay and help make America a More Perfect Union. You will work within the Republic as an informed law-abiding citizen to support causes and policies you believe in. You become an educated and informed voter, joining campaigns to support politicians who share your world view. You peaceably present your views and debate the pros and cons of specific policies with fellow citizens who take the other side. Be enthusiastic about your opinions and make them known in the public square in a respectful way.

In closing, Jesus Christ was recorded as saying in Luke 11:17 that“…a house divided cannot stand…”Christ’s words apply to the love of the U.S. While we will always have political differences, I believe we all should be united in a love for this country as "The Shining City on a Hill." Let us work on fulfilling the dream our Founders had and make this country a amore perfect union.

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